We strive to develop the activities of the Club in accordance with the interests of the members, and every member is encouraged to make suggestions and participate in the event organization. Our activities are published in our Facebook Group and in our newsletter.

We have a few “institutionalized” events that take place on a regular basis:

The Monthly Luncheon

  • Organised the 1st or 2nd week of each month in the form of a potluck at a member’s house or a meal at a good restaurant.

Newcomer’s Coffee

  • Breakfast meet-up with a more intimate atmosphere, where new members can get tips and ask questions to members with more time in Brazil.

Couple’s night out

  • Just what the name suggests! A night out … 

On an “on-demand-basis” we also organize arts and crafts courses, language conversation groups, speeches on topics of interest, wine tastings, guided museum tours, company visits, city tours, fitness classes etc.

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