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We firmly believe that we should give back something to the community in which we live. The IWCP is a non-profit organization, and therefore donates the majority of the funds raised throughout the year to charity.

Casa de Apoio de Sete Anjos

The IWCP is primarily helping a local all-girls orphanage in Colombo, Parana, called Casa de Apoio de Sete Anjos.  This orphanage supports 18 girls from the ages of 7 to 18 years old.  It’s a wonderful place for these girls to grow up.  They have an amazing support system from the ladies who work there, their orphanage mother, and the activities that are coordinated for them.

The IWCP volunteers time and money to this orphanage.  Several members go every week to provide activities for the girls such as jewelry making, kite flying, cooking, and scrapbooking, just to name a few.  The girls are fantastic, and so grateful for the weekly visits.  They are genuinely happy girls, who make the IWCP members feel so good for having visited.

The girls are often busy with activities in their daily schedule.  They attend a course through the local the fire department to learn about fire safety, they play instruments, and are actively involved in the church and church choir.  They have chores that teach them responsibility, and they all play a role in the orphanage.

Also, throughout the year, the orphanage makes improvements to the building that the IWCP directly funds.  The money we raise throughout the year helps to make a direct impact in these orphan girls’ lives.

Other charity activities

The IWCP also participates in other charity events such as donating Mother’s Day gift bags to new mothers at an underprivileged hospital, having a giving tree for the girls from the orphanage during Christmas, donating gently used items and volunteering at a bazar to raise money for our charity organisations.

Are you interested in participating in the charity activities? Please contact Elizabeth Moraes at

The dates and times for the visits to the orphanage is posted in our Facebook Group.