Communication Services

Moving to a new country is always exciting, fun, a little scary and even sometimes frustrating. Some of the information below should help you settle down more quickly!

Email and Internet
Providers are readily available, but most of the time may already be connected to one or more suppliers.
Hiring a service which provides a combo pack (Internet, TV and Phone (fiex and mobile) can be useful and cheaper.
There are also a Internet cafes situated within many coffee shop, restaurants, bookstores and papelarias. Web search: Cyber café Curitiba, Internet Café Curitiba,

Postal service
For information on the Postal Service (Correios) visit their webiste:
Post Offices are generally open o9.00-17.00 Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.

Consult Post Office locations:

Express Delivery Services include:

Phone shops can be found around the city and in all shopping malls. These service providers can give you fixed lines, mobile lines, Internet.

Providers (Operadoras de serviço de celular):

Pay as you go (Pré-pago) /pre-paid cards can be found in all phone shops and news-stands. The above mentioned providers also provide this service.

Collect Calls (A cobrar)
You can call any number collect.

  • For local calls dial 9090 + the phone number.
  • For international calls dial 90 + XX + area code + the phone number.   XX is the carrier code. There are four possibilities to use – Telepar (from Parana only (14); Embratel (21), Intelig (23) and GVT (25).

In these cases there will be an announcement that asks you to identify yourself after the beep. This is so the recipient can hang up and not be charged for the call if they don’t want to accept the charge.


Chamadas Locais: Local calls within the city

DDD: Intercity call in Brazil

DDI: International call from Brazil


Long Distance Calls
If you are dialing out of Curitiba, whether for a call within Brazil (intercity) or internationally, you must dial 0XX first. For example, to call São Paulo, you dial, 0XX + 11 + tel. no. To dial the United Kingdom, you dial 00 XX + 44 + tel. no. XX = Carrier

In Brazil private companies have started to provide services with different prices for regional and international calls (Embratel (21),  Intelig (23), Brasil Telecom (23) and GVT (25). You do a call by dialing 00 + XX (carrier code) + country code + area code + the telephone number. Please note that the bill will be sent separately from your main telephone bill.

International phone calls are expensive, so you may wish to consider using an international phone card or a call back service.

When you hire a Package (TV, Internet & Phone) you may have the option of calling international phone numbers for a set monthly fee. This may be a good option.