Emergency needs

Emergency Numbers
Ambulance / First Aid (Ambulancia / Pronto Socorro): 192

Ambulance /Fire Department (Ambulancia / Corpo de Bombeiros – SIATE), for road accidents and heart attacks at home : 193

Military Police (Polícia Militar): 190  

If these numbers are busy, call the Operator at 100

they will connect you directly to Fire, Police or Ambulance Services.

SOS Children in Need (SOS Crianca): 156

Missing Children (SICRIDE – Criancas Desaparecidas): 3224-6822

Federal Police for Traffic Accidents (Acidentes de Trânsito): 194 or 3251-7500

(Immigration // Passports): 3251-7521

Civil Police (Policia Civil): 197

State Highway Police: 198

Federal Highway Police: 191

Federal Highway Police Office: 3361-8500

Civil Defense (Defesa Civil): 199

For an updated list check here: http://www.turismo.curitiba.pr.gov.br/conteudo/telefones-uteis/92

Private Ambulance Service and Emergencies at Home
For other emergencies you must sign up (in advance) for a private emergency service. These services are more than an ambulance, they provide on the spot emergency care, such as stitches for cuts and IVs. If they cannot adequately treat the problem they will transport you to the hospital.

There are a number of companies offering private emergency services, such as:

Ecco-Salva 3342-5858

Resgate Medico 3200-1900.

Also, many of the health insurance companies offer their own services.

Emergency Rooms (Pronto Socorro)
There are Pronto Socorros located around town but it is good to identify the one nearest you and identify the best route to get there from your home.


Be aware that quite a lot of the hospitals in Curitiba are specialized (maternity, burns, etc.), and many do not have emergency rooms. 

Hospital Pequeno Principe (attends children only)

Rua Desembargador Motta 1070
CEP 80250-060, Curitiba
Tel: (41) 3310-1010

Emergency: (41) 3310-1310
Particular: (41) 3310-1309

Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças (attends adults and children)

Alcides Munhoz, 433
Mercês, Curitiba
CEP 80810-040
Tel (41) 3240-6060

Specialized clinics and hospitals




Useful Numbers in Curitiba
Water supply & Sewer (SANEPAR): 115

Electricity (Energia Eléctrica –COPEL): 196 or 0800-510-0116

Municipal Guard (Guarda Municipal): 153

Municipality (Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba): 156

Alfonso Pena International Airport: 3381-1515

Bus Station: 3320-3000

Gas: 0800-643-8383

Postal Services (Correios): 3003-0100

State Traffic Department (DETRAN): 3361-1212 / 0800-643-7373

Minors Judge (Juizado de Menors): 3222-7561

Taxi services
Taxi Services:  3333-3333 / 3381-1344 / 3346-4646 / 3376-7676 / 3022-2222


Smartphone apps for taxi
Easytaxi / 99Taxis / Radiotaxicuritiba / Taxija / Waytaxi