September 27, 2014

Food Truck & Vegetable Fair @ Praça Ucrânia

By Hermine 

The perfect Friday night meet-up in my opinion is the outdoor Food truck and Vegetable fair @ Praça Ucrânia.

Kill two birds with one stone – buy your veggies for the weekend and enjoy the lively atmosphere among the interesting variety food trucks serving local specialties. The fair mirrors the international heritage of the city with Mexican tacos (Totopos truck), German bratwurst (Currytiba), Batata Suissa, Waffles, Pierogis, Pasteis etc. Just lovely and worth a visit whenever the weather permits!

Praça da Ucrânia
R. Padre Anchieta, 1350
Bigorrilho, 80730430 Curitiba

Open: 17.00-22.00 every Friday


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