September 27, 2014

Where to have a good Cappuccino in Curitiba

By Hermine 

When I arrived in Curitiba in 2013 I found myself disappointed time after time when ordering a “cappuccino”.

It took me a while to figure out that a cappuccino could mean anything from a watery brown powder solution to a sweet, chocolate sauce drenched affair. I was disappointed time after time and had nearly despaired and packed my bags for Europe when little by little I started uncovering cafés who actually knew what they were doing. What I’ve been told is that Brazil for many years exported all its good quality coffee and the Brazilians themselves where left to drink the brown “potato water”, or a less good, lower-quality coffee. Truth is, Brazil is home to the largest production of coffee in the world, and it’s a shame they have not enjoyed it better, if this is now true. Enough said, in the past year, much to my delight; great cafés and baristas have popped up like mushrooms in Curitiba!

Below I gathered a few tried and tested. I hope to add more to the list as I slurp myself through them all on the quest for the perfected cappuccino!

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