September 30, 2014

Let’s Make a Trip to the Colony!

By Hermine

Sometimes we get the “itch” and just feel we need to leave the city behind and breathe some fresh countryside air.

Good news is that in less than an hour drive from Curitiba you can find yourself in the middle of lush green fields, cows and flowers. Welcome to the colonies! There are several old colonies and rural areas around Curitiba promoting rural tourism. The ones worth mentioning are Witmarsum, Colombo, Campo Magro and Sao Luiz de Purunã. Go there to eat, sleep, and enjoy outdoor sports such as horseback riding.

Perhaps the most famous German colony is located ca 40 min drive from Curitiba. The village is nothing short of the main road and few side dirt roads leading you to various farms where you depending on the place can buy their farm produced products such as honey, cheese, jam, milk and sausage. We sniffed up what we believe is the best restaurant in town: Bela Vista. Make sure you did not have breakfast – the servings are huge. They serve specialties like German Eisbein, Sauerkraut, Spätzli and Wareniki. Try their homemade cherry juice or cherry schnapps. The Apfel strudel is to die for. All served in the atmosphere of a traditional wooden cottage.


The municipality museum in Witmarsum

Sao Luiz de Purunã
Partly military area (which means no exploitation and abundant nature), partly picturesque farms, Sao Luiz de Purunã will charm you. For the romantic (winter) weekend away, Pousada Varshana won’t let you down. Apparently, clients drive as far as Sao Paulo just to stay here. With a stunning view over the canyon you can enjoy your evening drink on the terrace while the owner lits the fireplace in front of you.

Sao Luiz has some city “fugitives”. A friend of mine, Patricia Regattieri, is now living there running an organic vegetable production at Rancho Regattieri. If you would like to receive a delivery of her Surprise Basket of organic greens, simply contact (sms) her (41) 9977-4468. The basket is delivered to be picked up every Tuesday between 8.00-17.00 at her husband Luis Robert Regattieri’s dentist clinic at Praça Andersen 330 in Bigorrilho. The basket include veggies such as beetroot, broccoli, various types of salads, carrots and fresh herbs like parsil, chive, thyme, basil, dill etc. A basket are around 20 Reais for 6-7 items and you pay cash to the ladies in the dentist clinic.

Some other pousadas (not tried yet) that appears to offer horseback riding and a nice stay:

Colombo has a strong Italian heritage and the Colombo municipality is promoting the so-called “Italian route” (Circuito Italiano). Haven’t made it here myself yet, but rumor has it, it is nice. Restaurant & Vineyard Pasargada is supposedly a good pick.

Campo Magro
Another for me unexplored colony. I gathered some links below which could serve as a base for future evaluations and blog posts 😉

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