September 27, 2014

The Parks are our Beaches

By Hermine

This is a common saying in Curitiba when promoting the city to outsiders. It goes without saying that the parks of Curitiba are very special.

Thanks to some very progressive urban planning back in the 1970’s, Curitiba can count itself to one of the greenest cities per capita in the world. Below you can find a selection of green spaces where you should definitely invest part of your weekends and free time.

Parque Barigui – the landmark park of Curitiba, and the place to “see and be seen” during the weekend. It is home to a large population of Capivaras, birds and even a crocodile. According to the urban legend, the crocodile has been removed several times, but keeps returning. He now has a statue in his honor. Barigui is by far the most popular park of the city, with lanes for biking, walking and running. During the weekend these three “autobahns” are filled to the brim – make sure to keep to “your” dedicated lane, or you will receive irritated grunts from your fellow sportsmen. And don’t forget to hydrate yourself with the juice from a freshly cracked open coconut after you’re done.


Parque Tingui – Curitiba’s best-kept park secret. Just next door to Barigui, but with a fraction of the “traffic”. Several gorgeous lakes and wooden bridges connects this 4 km stunning park. Once a month the park hosts the Lua Cheia (full moon) race. You can choose between running 4 or 8 km.

Bosque Alemão – a smaller park sporting a story telling path for children. On the top of the hill you’ll find a German café, which serves an excellent “Apfel strudel” with whipped cream. Worth a stop!

Parque Tangua – this old quarry turned lake with waterfall offers a stunning view point from the top.

Parque Sao Lorenzo – another beautiful park with a large lake in the middle.

This site lists all the parks of Curitiba – happy exploring!

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