November 17, 2014

Stand up Paddle in Passaúna

By Hermine

If you like Stand Up Paddle (SUP) there is now an official SUP Club in Passaúna Park!

You can take one hour classes from R$50. Should you be interested in doing SUP Yoga (this would be yoga on top of the board – lots of fun and not so hard as it sounds I promise!) this is also available for R$ 70. Saturdays are recommended over Sundays as, Sundays the area gets really packed with weekend picknickers.


Passaúna SUP Club
Contact Ibrahim @ (41) 9911.9299
Rua Ângelo Marqueto, 2538, Parque Passaúnaúna-SUP-Club/

SUP Yoga classes
Contact Carolina Carvalho @ (41) 8885.1278

Image: Passaúna SUP Club

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