Curitiba is a very well planned city filled with parks, memorials, shopping and culture.

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Curitiba Tourist bus
The Linha Turismo is a great way to see, or show your visitors, many of the attractions Curitiba has to offer without driving all over the city yourself. This tourist bus is called a “jardineira” in Portuguese because it is open and looks like a garden bench. The 44 km tour takes 2 1/2 hours (plus stops) and requires the purchase of a voucher that permits you to get on and off at four attractions of your choice.

Curitiba is a city of many gardens and parks. A visit to Curitiba without seeing the parks would definitely be missing the best the city
as to offer. There are 25 parks in Curitiba covering a total of 81 million m2. This translates to 55 m2 per habitant, three times more than the recommendation of 16 m2 by the World Health Organization. Besides the sheer size of the park areas, the quality of these municipal parks is unmatched and together with the environmental educational programs and the recycling campaigns, helped Curitiba win the title of the Ecological Capital of Brazil. It is said that there are 2 trees for every man, woman or child and it is fitting that visiting parks and enjoying the nature are important parts of life of every “Curitibano”.


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